Mothering Sunday

Traditionally a time when you went back to your home church (where you grew up) and thanked people who had helped you grow in faith. This would include family but also members of the Church – those who had “Mothered you”. The modern focus on Mothers, whilst great, is not all that this feast day in the middle of Lent was meant to be. Who are those people in your life? As we start this time of worship, spend time giving thanks to God for those people.

Prayerful Reflection on above

Worship Songs:

Give Thanks to the Lord – 2005 Chapter Three
Father God I Wonder – 1994 Stay tuned There’s More to Come
Thank You (Salvation Songs) – 2000 Signposts to the Lost

Reading: Hosea Chapter 1: Click here

The groups have done their Bible Study, this time on the Revelation 1:15, and now it’s time for them to teach us all they know (2010 – River Walk):

Talk: Forgiveness from 2015 Grace Awakens by Geoff. Click here.

Virtual Weekend Challenge

Many Virtual TFG Weekenders will have offspring of their own who have now begun the longest Easter holiday from school in history (perhaps the longest summer one…?). How to keep them from boredom?

Each week there will be the Virtual Weekend challenge, with a photo competition, creative competition and also a monthly competition. Here are the first batch:

Weekly Photo competition 1: Toyland to Real-land. A photo of any toy, model, doll or whatever which has been made to look like it is real. You can do this by carefully positioning it somewhere so that its size appears to match the background, or by building a special background. Get your parent to post the photo on the TFG Massive Facebook page by midnight on Friday 27th March.

Weekly Challenge 1: Write a 500-1000 word essay explaining to your form or class teacher why following Jesus is important in the 21st Century. Tell them what Jesus means to you. Get your parent to post the essay on the TFG Massive Facebook page by midnight on Friday 27th March.

Monthly Challenge 1: Design and build a Soap Box Cart (Google those words for photos and ideas). As far as possible it should be your own work but Dad or Mum can help if you like. You will need to get a parent to post three photos on the TFG Massive Facebook page, 2 of the cart in different stages of being built and one of you with it completed. Photos need to all be posted on or before Thursday April 30th

There are no prizes but each entry will score one point for your family and the winners will get extra points; there will be a “League Table” for all entrants as well as a family involvement league too.

Ideas for future competitions and challenges welcome! – or just visit the Hornby Kids Zone!

Final Worship:

Higher Higher – 1993 War of the Worlds
Oh Happy Day – 2007 Destination of a Lifetime
Here We Stand – 1999 Bedrock
There is Power, Power – 1998 Kingdom Come
Friend of God – 2009 Bride to Be
Stand by Me – 1999 Bedrock

Now make sure your rooms are clear, lunch is in 20 minutes and don’t miss the coach.

This is an experiment, if you like it let me know and I will see if we can do it every week for the duration of the ‘crisis’…. there may even be some fresh talks too. But if you don’t let me know I’ll assume no-one is bothered.
Also, if there are any requests for songs, talks or whatever then let me know.
Not every former TFG member is on the Facebook group, so if you know someone who would enjoy joining in on Virtual TFG Weekends, please email them the link!

Don’t forget, there’s lots more TFG available at including all the songs ever recorded on weekends.

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