For ever and ever, Amen!

We conclude the Lord’s Prayer, and this week there’s a brand new talk from Ken Tombs for us.

I will offer up my life in Spirit and truth – 1998 Mission:Impossible?
I Believe in Jesus – 1996 All you need is Love

Bible Reading: Revelation 3:14-22

AMEN – excerpt from my book What’s Going On?

We all say this word, but what does it mean? The Hebrew word ’aman means sure, faithful, true and the Greeks used the same basic word (amen) with the same meanings and also ‘let it be’ – which is why it is tagged to the end of prayers.
Jesus calls Himself The Amen in this letter. The Sure, The Faithful and The True. The One who speaks and always it will be as He says. It is a stark contrast to how He goes on to speak about the church in Laodicea -unsure, unfaithful, untrue. He is revealing Himself to them to cause them to repent and to change to be like Him.
That is always Jesus’ purpose.
In Leviticus 11:45 (and again in Leviticus 19:2 and 1 Peter 1:16) we read you shall therefore be holy, for I am holy. God commands us to be like Himself. What we call the “Ten Commandments” are as much “Ten Revelations” of the nature and character of God. God reveals Himself to Israel as the Faithful and True One, so He commands them to be faithful and true in their relationships: Do not commit adultery. There is a similar revelation about God’s character in each of the Commandments. Throughout Scripture God never commands anything that does not involve becoming more like Him. He is Life, and as we seek His face and turn to Him so we become (and act) more like Him.
Jesus is the ultimate demonstration of the nature and character of God – the visible revelation of the invisible God (Colossians 1:15). When He reveals something of His character to you, it is an invitation to become more like Himself. Often it will be in contrast to how you are yourself, a call to repent; to turn towards Him and be filled with His Spirit more.
To Laodicea, Jesus is revealing Himself as Faithful, True and “So Be It” because they are wavering, their words are not final but changeable, and there is no certainty in their witness.

Look back over the Lord’s Prayer, all that you are saying “Let it Be” to. What does that mean for your life? “Forgive me as I forgive others”. What does it mean for the Church? “Your will be done” What does it mean for the world? “Deliver us from evil”. What is it that we are praying?

Trading my Sorrows – 2015 Disciples
Recorded for this weekend
Hear from Heaven – private recording by Adam Knight and John Dixon

Let’s Pray AMEN! Think about things you know God has said. His promises in the Bible, His promises to you, things He has moved you to be praying about in the past. Simply mention these things and then say AMEN – I’m in agreement Lord. It’s a costly prayer though, for it might mean He says “You be part of the solution, go to do something about it”, can you really say Amen?

O Lord Hear My Prayer – 1994 Stay Tuned, there’s more to come!
This ebook on the Lord’s Prayer began in the form of the Weekend Booklet for the 2002 weekend Knees Worn Through. Greatly expanded since then, it takes the reader through the whole of the Lord’s Prayer in a way that makes it easy to use as a basis for all our prayer.

Is that it? These virtual weekends were for lockdown, when churches were closed. As things start to open up, as we begin to meet people albeit still at a distance, has the time come to end these weekends? There will be one next week, but after that depends on what you think, so contact me now to let me know.

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The Lord’s Prayer – 2002 Knees Worn Through

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