Kingdom, Power, Glory

KINGDOM – I lift my Hands – 1997 Mission: Impossible?
POWER – There is power, power – 1998 Kingdom Come
GLORY – Glory – 1994 Stay Tuned, There’s More to Come!

Welcome to another virtual weekend from TFG. We approach the end of The Lord’s Prayer and this week there is brand new talk to help us to reflect on the line “for the kingdom, the power and the glory are Yours, now and forever”.

Group Presentation – 2009 Bride to Be

I am aware that there are a number of people following these posts who possibly have no idea as to what TFG was and is. Twyford Fellowship Group is the gathering of Christian students at Twyford Church of England High School in West London – a regular local comprehensive funded like all state schools but with church governance. Since the late 80s TFG has met in the school lunch breaks and also developed weekends away each year (one for the 11-14 year old students, and the other for 15-18) and it is from the recordings of those weekends that these ‘virtual weekends’ have been compiled to raise a smile, lead us in worship and help us to reflect on God during the “Lockdown” imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic. To find out more and visit the ‘legacy website’, click here.

Think about and perhaps also write down the sort of things you would expect your life to be like if you were King or Queen (married to the King). How would you expect to be treated? What would you expect to be able to do? Would anyone be able to tell you what to do?

READING: Esther chapter 1 read by David Suchet

Having read that passage, look back at your list. Put a tick or cross by each statement you made if either Xerxes or Vashti had that sort of control over their lives. Were you surprised at the power, or lack of power, either of them had?

KINGDOM – Great is the Lord – 2005 Chapter Three
POWER – O Lord my God – 2007 Destination of a Lifetime
GLORY – Your Glory is my will – 2002 Knees Worn Through

TALK: Recorded for this virtual weekend, Geoff speaks about Kingdom, Power and Glory.

Group Presentation – 2009 – Bride to Be

Think about something that needs to be brought under the dominance of God’s Kingdom (it might be personal, national, to do with your church or anything).
Think about something where people are struggling to solve things in their own strength and need God’s power.
Think about God’s Glory, and spend some time praising Him.

KINGDOM – The Greatest Day in History – 2007 Destination of a Lifetime
POWER – Strength Will Rise – 2010 RIver Walk
GLORY – Holy is the Lord God Almighty – 2011 The Cover Up
Clothe Us in You – 2011 The Cover Up (written and sung for weekend by George Bryan)
Good and Gracious – 2003 Love, Honour and Obey

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