17th October

More Simpsons this week, but an entirely different branch of the clan. Mark Simpson came on one of the early TFG weekends around 1991/92 and is now the leader of Wellfield Church in Leyland (a plant from St Andrews in the town). The sound is not great in this video but he is teaching on prayer from the life of the prophet Jeremiah.

Then for worship we have David Nind leading at Sudbury Baptist Church; we had David teaching a month or so ago but he is in his more familiar role this week.

October 10th

This week the talk is by Tom Simpson (with help from his little brother, the ubiquitous Jacob); together they discuss Nicodemus. Tom is an ordinand at St John, Hampton Wick and was at Twyford but avoided having anything to do with TFG but we forgive him.

I’ve not found a worship leader that has not been featured before, so we have Tom’s little brother again leading worship last Sunday at Bless Community Church

October 3rd

This week we travel to Paris for a talk on Friendship by David Pambakian, who is on the pastoral team of The Bridge International Church. Our worship features James Morson, who was in the band The 29th Chapter and who perform here at Soul Survivor with Tim Hughes (around 12 years ago). Tim and the 29th Chapter were introduced at a mission week in Twyford in 2001/2 which is also when Mike Pilavachi invited David Pambakian to become an intern with Soul Survivor.

David Pambakian
Features James Morson (4th artist to do a solo)