Sept 19th

This week’s preacher is Lesley Currie (nee Price) who left Twyford in the ’80s and suffered my Maths teaching as well as being part of TFG. Lesley is Associate Minister at All Saint’s Marple (near Manchester) where her husband Daniel is Vicar. Daniel was in the same year group at Twyford but left 6 weeks before I arrived there when his family emigrated to Watford.

Worship is led by Josh Cadman, along with his wife Alice (the video is timed to start at the right place but will run on to other things after the worship ends). Josh was at Twyford much more recently, and came back to do some teaching too. He and Alice now run Sing Gospel.

Lesley Currie

Josh Cadman

Sept 12th

Not everyone in ministry is a worship leader, preacher or Bible teacher of course. This week we feature two who use music to enrich and transform lives. Firstly Carol Barwick (nee Raven) with her Raise Choir singing one of her compositions and then Judah Armani (ne Hoda Emami) whose In House Records label works with inmates across the country to help them find their creativity and set them on a path for the future. Carol will be delighted that I have found someone ‘above her in years’ – Carol left Twyford in the early 90s but Hoda/Judah left around 1988 – but continued coming to help lead TFG weekends for several years afterwards.

Carol’s Raise Group

Judah’s In House website