November 14th

This week, in the last of this series, we go back to All Saints Marple, last time we were there Lesley Currie spoke, introduced by husband Daniel. This time it’s the other way round, with Daniel speaking on Self Control. Then we other another generation of the Twyford Gospel Choir on Songs of Praise, this time from the 2009 finals – which they won! (still conducted by Bishop Elect Crossfield)

November 7th

This week we have Angus Beattie, former Languages teacher and D of E Supremo. His sermon starts in the video below at 14:00 (it’s on Facebook so I can’t make it link here to the desired start point). Angus is now Curate at St Mary Ruislip. For worship we head back to the 2015 finals of School Choir of the Year for the Twyford Gospel Choir – featuring too many ex-students/TFG members to name and conducted by Lloyd Crossfield (now Bishop Elect Crossfield, congratulations sir).

Angus’s sermon starts at 14:00 and you will need to scroll forwards to reach that point